Protection against overfilling of bulk solids

January 21st, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Instrotech is offering Kobold’s NSC capacitive liquid level monitors that offer protection against overfilling of bulk solids. Monitoring of minimum level is also possible at low levels and with light media with low medium density. The device is specifically designed for application with varying grades of solids, for example cement, sand, flint and animal feed. The tested measuring system is based on properties of a capacitor. With this device, the level monitor metallic electrode and metallic tank wall assume the task of condenser plates. Voltage potential changes when the space between these two plates is filled by a medium. Voltage change signals excess and undercut of limit value. The switching point is therefore determined by the position of the probe head. Two different device versions enable optimum positioning of the probe head in respective applications. Probe length can be individually chosen corresponding to respective maximum level switching point.  With PTFE-coated rigid probe, the model NSC-R. Thereby a maximum of 3000 mm is possible with vertical assembly.

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