Quality must be part of procurement calculations

June 13th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) has proposed the re-introduction of quality as part of the total procurement point’s calculation, alongside price and BBBEE – for routine projects, as well as the separation of procurement of Built Environment Professionals (BEPs) from the procurement of general goods and services.

According to CESA president Abe Thela, consulting engineering services are neither a commodity nor contracting, but a role that can only be played by a trusted advisor. Engineering and construction work is the provision of a combination of goods and services, arranged for the development and provision of an asset or refurbishment of an existing asset, including building and engineering infrastructure. They also provide independent advice to clients, offer technical advice in the procurement of contractors, as well as design and supervise construction work.

Price is not an appropriate basis for competing for consulting engineering services, as this reduces the profession to a commodity which is demand driven and compromises the ability of the profession to innovate, train staff and attract young engineers to the profession. The price driven procurement of consulting engineering services commodifies consulting engineering services and relegates the relationship from that of “trusted advisor” status to “contracting”.

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