Radio frequency satellite constellation receives further funding

September 3rd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

HawkEye 360 Inc., which uses formation flying satellites to create a radio frequency (RF) data and data analytic products, has announced that it has secured $70-million in Series B financing. This financing capitalises the company’s plan to include buildout and launch of its commercial satellite constellation and development of its line of RF analytic products by 2021. Round participants include new investors Airbus and Esri, existing investors Razor’s Edge Ventures, Allied Minds, and Shield Capital Partners, and additional undisclosed parties. The company is already delivering products using its first cluster of three formation flying satellites and fabricating a second satellite cluster for launch in early 2020. Since being founded in 2015, HawkEye 360 has raised over $100-million in funding. HawkEye 360 launched its first satellite cluster in December 2018 and brought its first product, RFGeo, to market in April 2019. RFGeo identifies and locates the position of a broad range of RF emitters, such as X-band navigation radars, VHF push-to-talk radios, satellite terminals, and emergency beacons. The company’s pioneering geospatial data layer reveals patterns of activity and provides valuable insights for maritime, defense/intelligence, telecommunications, and crisis response applications. This financing supports the development and launch of four additional clusters, forming a constellation of 18 highly capable satellites with rapid global revisit.

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