Rapid urban mapping system product range expanded

October 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The ZEB Discovery is Geoslam’s latest rapid urban mapping system, which integrates point cloud data with high resolution imagery. The system uses simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) technology and NCTech’s iStar Pulsar panoramic camera for ultra-high definition image capture. Combining the two data sources into one view offers a new way to visualise reality for a variety of applications. The system works alongside the ZEB Horizon on the clip-and-go backpack design. This makes it a versatile SLAM solution, offering the capability of using a ZEB Horizon in another way, in addition to using it on foot, on a vehicle or a drone. The lidar and image data is integrated using Orbit GT software as part of the workflow, making it useful for various industries from planners modeling smart cities to utilities operators looking to survey assets. With automatic localisation of imagery in the point cloud, the scanner can detect the operator’s exact location using in-built GPS, and each second the solution emits 300 000 points per second. Geoslam also recently became an authorised reseller of Orbit GT 3D Mapping products.

Contact Harriet Brewitt, Geoslam, info@geoslam.com

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