Re-assessment and time to do things differently

October 29th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Following on with the theme in last month’s column, this month I have a question for you:  have you ever carried out a re-assessment of yourself and your business or practice?

I have done this regularly over the last number of years. Sometimes, it was with the help of a coach or another third party with expertise in a particular area of business. The results have always been amazingly valuable which enabled our businesses to go forward and thrive.

My most recent self and business re-assessment once again has revealed new exciting opportunities and new adventures to look forward to.

One of the outcomes highlighted the hunger for live information and not typical online Google information. I realised that it was almost impossible for me to deliver live content to my students who are located throughout southern Africa and all over the world.

I began my quest to find a suitable delivery system to take live content to my students. After considerable time searching for suitable and, of course, the best software system which included testing using trial periods, I eventually found the best software available, paid my dues (believe me it does not come cheaply), and started to learn how to use it.

During this process, it became glaringly apparent that professional equipment was essential to deliver world class live lectures. The special professional equipment was purchased. It makes an incredible difference to the delivery of presentations.

The live lectures also known as webinars, have been a resounding success since they were introduced.

I will launch a five-part webinar series on 17 October 2019 for the members of the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIFA). The webinar series has been accredited and validated by CIFA which entitles members to claim 0,2 CPD credits per webinar attended. The webinars are entirely free of any cost to the participants.

I am confident that I will soon expand the offering to include members of other institutes throughout South Africa and beyond.

The software enables me to upload all the presentation, documentary or other material I require; have the use of multiple whiteboards during the webinar; direct access to YouTube material; get participants to complete an online survey during the webinar and issue a Call to Action at the end of the webinar.

All webinars are recorded.  Participants automatically receive copies of the recordings and a certificate of attendance via the system without intervention on my part.

The live webinars have proven, once again, that constant re-assessment is needed during which opportunities are identified. Then, with the right positive strategy, the ideas and outcomes are implemented.

I hope that this example of my personal process has encouraged you to do the same. The dividends are extremely rewarding.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the readers a very happy festive and holiday season. If you and your family are travelling over this time, travel and return safely.

I look forward to continuing to contribute Lighting Matters during 2020. I believe it is going to be so exciting. Technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will continue to advance at an incredible pace. Unfortunately, many of the systems will be automated, will collect big data, will make greater use of artificial intelligence and reduce dependence on people with the corresponding risk of attrition. It is imperative to prepare, study and be equipped to be part of the revolution, rather than be outside of it.

Philip Hammond
BHA Lighting and BHA School of Lighting



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