Receiver leverages evolving GNSS constellation

November 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Trimble has announced new capabilities to its Real-Time Network (RTN) portfolio –the Trimble Pivot Platform and the Trimble Alloy Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference receiver – that will enable operators to continue to meet the ongoing demand from surveyors, mapping professionals and precision farmers for accurate, reliable corrections derived from real-time networks. The platform and reference receiver updates work in conjunction to provide quality GNSS corrections to network operators and end users. A well-established network software, the company’s Pivot Platform manages and controls small, mid-size and countrywide GNSS networks. By applying sophisticated atmospheric models to reduce systematic errors, highly accurate GNSS corrections are generated and made available for a wide range of field applications. Trimble Pivot version 4.3 has been enhanced to track and store new BeiDou Generation III (BDS-3) signals. RTN operators worldwide now have the ability to provide their customers with additional satellite signals. Released in 2018, the Trimble Alloy GNSS reference receiver was designed with the processing power needed to deliver high-quality data from multiple GNSS constellations. The new Alloy version 5.42 firmware tracks all available and planned GPS Block IIIA L1C and BDS-3 signals, empowering operators with a full GNSS constellation dataset. This allows operators to continue to deliver robust and accurate data for their RTN users.

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