Multifunction marine displays feature GPS

August 17th, 2012, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Raymarine, a leader in marine electronics, launched its latest range of intelligent marine multifunction displays (MFDs); the new e Series and c Series use U-blox’ compact  AMY-6M GPS satellite receiver modules to facilitate accurate positioning for marine applications such as navigation and cartography. Reliable GPS positioning is the basis for many core applications. The U-blox’ GPS module technology is superior in terms of tracking sensitivity and accuracy. The AMY-6M delivers excellent performance, making it ideal for the companies new range of MFDs. The companies latest multifunction displays leverage multiple features of our leading GPS module technology, including compact size, high-sensitivity, wide operating temperature range, and immunity to RF noise. These are all important criteria when navigating at sea. The feature-rich new MFDs bring advanced power, expanded networking and wireless connectivity to boaters looking for the most technically innovative and intuitive way to access information and control on-board systems. The MFDs also network with other units including tablets and smartphones via the companies new apps making navigation charts, thermal video, radar and sonar information more accessible and portable than ever before.

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