RFID track-and-trace for mining

January 30th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Aury Africa has introduced a radio-frequency identification (RFID) audit and inspection solution for mining applications. These include inspecting plant equipment, mining machines, pumps, valves and pipes – or almost any items of equipment that may require regular inspection. The company is integrating the RFID solution with its equipment with the assistance of Thembekile Asset Management Solutions. This ensures that customers have access to real-time information, and also cuts down on unnecessary paperwork. The system requires a proof of presence, as the person undertaking the inspection has to be within proximity range of the tag with the scanning device to communicate the information securely. These RFID mobile devices are fit-for-purpose, with apps available for iOS or Android operating systems. The tag and the scanner do not have to be in direct line of sight for the transfer of communication to occur. The mobile device also enables users to capture GPS coordinates of assets, and keeps track of where they have been previously deployed. The inspection results can be synchronised automatically to the cloud for secure capture. The RFID cloud software enables companies to develop an asset register of its equipment, capture standard specifications for asset categories, and view the dates and times of inspections. This software can be integrated into most enterprise resource planning systems.

Contact Sydney Parkhouse, Aury Africa, Tel 011 026-6642, syd@auryafrica.co.za

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