RGB-encoded elevation data in the cloud

March 24th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Digital elevation model (DEM) is now available in MapTiler Cloud for all users. It can be used as a base for hill shading, hypsometry, analytical applications or 3D terrain modelling in games. Splitting the DEM into raster tiles have all the advantages of a tiled map. The main one is low traffic for web applications because the browser loads only the tiles in the current view with appropriate resolution and download additional data just in case the user zoom in or pan the map. Each of the raster pixels contains an elevation value. Elevation data provides height above the sea level in meters for every single place in the world, measured for regions of approximately 30 x 30 m. Since the data contain the encoded elevation values directly, there are many potential applications. Users can add the data into your map in order to create a nice visual shaded relief for their maps, allowing them to even change the hill shading colours and light direction. It can be easily done in the integrated map style editor in MapTiler Cloud. Another application is hypsometry. Since values can be manipulated even on-the-fly, users can also create interactive tools in JavaScrips, such as an interactive flood simulator.

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