Roadside infrastructure data to enable connectivity services

March 17th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Ordnance Survey (OS) partnered with Mobileye’s automotive camera-based mapping capabilities to offer a new, accurate location information service to customers from many markets, including the energy and infrastructure sector. The new data will also support the successful rollout of technologies for new market segments, including 5G, intelligent mobility and connected autonomous vehicles. Using the Mobileye technology, vehicles will gather large volumes of location data on road networks and roadside infrastructure. The data – which includes lamp posts, manhole covers, and road markings – is then cross-referenced with existing geospatial datasets, such as OS MasterMap, to help develop accurate maps of Britain’s roads and surrounding infrastructure. Utility companies are set to benefit from the data, enabling them to maintain the precise location of their assets on the ground, such as manhole covers, lamp posts, network boxes, and more. By enabling a better view into over-ground and underground assets, companies can more efficiently plan and manage maintenance needs, service upgrades or other work. The partnership follows a year of pilot projects during which OS worked with data collected by Mobileye and integrated it into the geospatial. A number of OS vehicles have been fitted with Mobileye 8 Connect to collect data on the roads of Britain.

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