Rope access and drone combo for maintenance

August 22nd, 2018, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: PositionIT

Skyriders has carried out routine inspections of two smokestacks and one cooling tower using a combination of rope access and drones for client Dundee Precious Metals at the Tsumeb Namibia mining operation. The drones completed a general internal visual inspection, followed by detailed visual inspection and core sampling by a six-person rope-access team. The deliverable was a comprehensive report, with recommendations signed off by the company’s consulting engineers. The deployment of drones makes for rapid and safe visual inspections. This allows engineers and plant owners to formulate a more focused inspection plan, honing in on the areas of concern picked up during the drone inspection. Introduced by Skyriders in 2015, the use of drones has become an integral element of the company’s turnkey service offering. This comprises visual inspection using drones, detailed inspection by means of rope access, repairs undertaken by rope access, and then using drones as a quality-control measure to inspect and verify the final repairs.

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