SA population statistics updated to 2018 values

March 18th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Planners and decision makers need current population statistics to understand the size and distribution of demand for services and products. AfricaScope South Africa has updated the population statistics data from the last national census in 2011 to the 2018 values at an enumeration area level for South Africa. Demographic data such as gender, age and population groups have also been updated. The company worked with Prof. Louis van Tonder on the update, using a combination of data layers and statistical methods, including Stats SA’s mid-year estimates for 2018, its dwelling frame and other secondary data layers. Age groups, gender and population groups were updated by applying machine learning algorithms to Stats SA’s 2017 General Household Survey. Van Tonder until recently worked at Stats South Africa on the mid-year population estimates for South Africa. The latest estimates show an average annual population growth rate of 1,6%, which has seen the population grow to 57,7-million people in 2018 from 51,8-million in 2011. The dataset is available in all major GIS file formats, and a web mapping service is also in the works.

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