SAGI Northern Provinces branch celebrates 10th anniversary

May 29th, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


SAGI’s (South African Geomatics Institute) Northern Provinces branch celebrated the tenth anniversary of its existence at its annual general meeting in May at the Pumulani Lodge in Pretoria. Chairman Altus Strydom opened the meeting with the news that Mof Muller was retiring after 25 years in the profession and was stepping down from his position as vice president of engineering and GISc at SAGI. In acknowledgment of his services to SAGI, Muller was awarded a lifetime SAGI membership.

Mof Miller, retiring after 25 years in the industry, as well as from his position as vice president of engineering and GISc of SAGI, was awarded lifetime SAGI membership. Miller is pictured here with SAGI president Peter Newmarch (right) and SAGI chairman Altus Strydom at SAGI’s tenth annual general meeting.

Mof Muller, Altus Strydom and Peter Newmarch.

Following this announcement, SAGI president Peter Newmarch proceeded with amendments to the institute’s constitution. An important change was that made to SAGI’s  structure which involves reducing the size of EXCO and council to approximately half its size with the intention to cut costs and improve efficiency. Newmarch believes this will save up to 10% of yearly spending.

In his report back, Limpopo Deputy Surveyor General, Dudley Pound, reported a 56% rejection rate of plans at his offices, reminding land surveyors of the importance of checking the accuracy of their plans before submitting them. Retired Surveyor General Frank Shultz also made a call to surveyors to communicate with their SG offices and to take care when submitting plans for approval.

Newmarch also reported that the matter of copyright for surveyors’ work remains an issue, with SG offices often scanning and distributing plans without surveyors’ permission. He added that SAGI is currently in discussions with an advocate specialising in copyright matters. Newmarch is also optimistic that a guideline tariff for surveyors may be put in place later this year. Other news is that SAGI is working on a new website to be launched this year, and is also in the process of centralising its resources and scanning institute documents that go back many decades. He also mentioned that the National Geo-spatial Information library has scanned survey journals dating back to 1923 and once hosting arrangements have been resolved, these will be available for people to read.

The SAGI committee for the 2014-2015 term, the same as the previous term.

SAGI Northern Provinces Branch committee

Marius van Rooyen in his cadastral reported said that Act 70 of 1970, pertaining to the subdivision of agricultural land, remains an unresolved problem, and that SAGI is still in discussions with government and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform with the hopes of getting it changed.

The election of new members to the branch committee delivered the same committee as for the 2013-2014 term. Chairman Altus Strydom, said that he was looking forward to working with a reliable committee, but also expressed his concern at the lack of interest from younger members and others, in assisting with committee responsibilities. The committee members for2014- 2015 are as follows: Altus Strydom (Chairman), Marius van Rooyen (Cadastral Commission Chairman), Jan Beukes (Engineering Commission Chairman), and members Philip Schalekamp, Albert Coetzee, James Naledi, Chris Kirchhoff, Raleigh Maesela, Dave Clark, John Hughes, and secretariat Thelma Fourie.

Strydom also explained that more of SAGI’s funds will be used for marketing purposes this upcoming year, in the hopes of gaining more members, specifically younger members. The funding model was also slightly adapted, so as to centralise it with SAGI on a national level and make it easier for accounting purposes. Funds raised though branch events will, however, remain that of the individual branches.

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