SAIEE lightning safety webinar

March 14th, 2019, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector, Featured: EE Publishers, Featured: Energize

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) is planning to hold a webinar on the topic of lightning safety on 26 March 2019 from 18h00 to 19h00. The webinar will focus broadly on the topic of lightning, with particular attention being given to practical safety guidelines, basic physics of lightning (including video footage), injury mechanisms and lightning detection.

The webinar will feature three experts in the field: Dr Carina Schumann, Dr Hugh Hunt and Prof. Ken Nixon all of whom are from the University of the Witwatersrand.

For registration and enquiries please contact Andreas Beutel, SAIEE, Tel 011 487-3003,


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