SAIMC Tshwane elects new committee

March 4th, 2019, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

The SAIMC Tshwane branch has elected its 2019 committee at its monthly technical meeting held in February 2019. In his chairman’s report, Petrus Klopper said that the branch has made progress in the past year and was pleased with achieving gold status. “This means that we met 90% of our targets. We must aim for platinum status this year delivering 100% on our targets”. Petrus Klopper was re-elected as chairman. Assisting him to get that platinum status are Mark Taylor (vice-chairman and marketing), Nico Marneweck (secretary0, Thabo Lekgowane (end users), Morne Maree (Growth), and Sbastiao Domingos (liaison).

Frederik Langenhoven of Cobots presented the technical lecture focusing on ways to use collaborative robots in the manufacturing environment. He said that Industry 4.0 is viewed as the gradual combination of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices with the influence of the increasingly technological advancement around us. This will allow for factories to become increasingly automated and self-monitoring as the machines are given the ability to analyse and communicate with each other and their human co-workers.

Cognitive technologies allow the extraction of relevant information together in real-time and apply analytics to harvest unparalleled levels of understanding and insights about their manufacturing process.

Collaborative robots boost performance and add value to production in countless industries every day. Fully compatible with Industry 4.0 design principles they promote information transparency, provide technical assistance, facilitate decentralised decisions and are fully equipped with powerful onboard computers which are interoperable and can easily join the internet of things (IoT) in any factory environment. Cobots are safe and don’t have to be screened from humans. A highly developed sensor system ensures safety.

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