SASGI Proceedings 2013

May 16th, 2014, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: PositionIT

Keynote Papers

Geospatial information technology enables vertical industry solutions (more>>)
by Geoff Zeiss, Principal, Between The Poles

Land tenure administration and GIS: trends and challenges (more>>)
by Dr. Michael Barry, University of Calgary, Canada

Cadastral surveying, land management and land reform

RICS – global standards, the interface (more>>)
by Robert P. Mahoney, RICS

Surveying in Africa today − Adventure or nightmare? (more>>)
by M.J. Trenor, Gauteng Geomatics

Towards the design of a pro-poor land adjudication procedure for communal land (more>>)
by Edward Kurwakumire, Tshwane University of Technology

In situ formalisation of informal settlements: the process in practice (more>>)
by Karl van Rensburg, Land Tenure Services

Practical examples of the legal position of the boundaries of estuaries and tidal rivers (more>>)
by Chris Williams-Wynn, Surveyor-General: Eastern Cape, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Geomatics and national development planning

Using the Surveyor Generals’ Office data to determine economic activity in South Africa (more>>)
by Julian Williamson, Surveyor General’s Office: Pretoria

National Development Plan: Integrated systems on spatial foundations (more>>)
by Lance Nel and Johann Engelbrecht, TGIS

The impact of effective (geo-spatial) planning on the agricultural sector (more>>)
by Anneliza Collett, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

South African Geospatial Strategy − where South Africans work, live and play (more>>)
by Ashwell Jenneker, Statistics SA

Quantifying service delivery demand in South African cities (more>>)
by Stuart Martin, GeoTerraImage

Geomatics applications

From points to products – business benefits from lidar using GIS software (more>>)
by Mark Norris-Roger, Mondi and Ron Behrendt, Behron

GIS in the nuclear energy sector (more>>)
by Abraham Parbhunath, Eskom

Spatial support tools for biodiversity management: a case study of Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, South Africa (more>>)
by Kanya Middleton, Strategic Environmental Focus

Solar inspection and administration system developed for the SABS (more>>)
by Armand van der Merwe, AfriGIS

Utilising geographical information system software in association with radiation data to estimate the extent of the ancient civilisation around Mapungubwe (more>>)
by Jacques Bezuidenhout, Stellenbosch University and Wilhelm Herbst, Optron

Geomatics in the mining enviroment

Geomatics in mining: The need for consolidated geodatabases for improved planning and decision making (more>>)
by Alistair Main, GCS Water and Environmental Consultants

Measuring deformation from space. InSAR as an operational tool for mining sector (more>>)
by Davide Colombo, Tele-Rilevamento Europa TRE

A simple solution to a real problem experienced during the application of a unique mining method (more>>)
by Jochem Erasmus, Optron

Monitoring of mine tailings using satellite and lidar data (more>>)
by Prevlan Chetty, Southern Mapping Geospatial

Safer survey of alignment in underground mining (more>>)
by Erich Tetema, Petra Diamonds and Coenie van der Bergh, Aciel Geomatics

Geomatics in the third millenium

Development of a Space Systems Acquisitions Management Framework (more>>)
by Francois Denner, South African National Space Agency

Fusion of lidar, hyperspectral and thermal data – a Southern African experience (more>>)
by Alex Fortescue, Southern Mapping Company

Transition from Global Positioning System to global navigation satellite system: Applications in agriculture practices (more>>)
by Guy Blanchard Ikokou, University of Cape Town

Comparison and validation of ASTER-GDEM and SRTM elevation models over parts of Kaduna State, Nigeria (more>>)
by Olalekan Adekunle Isioye and Israel Castro Yang, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, Department of Geomatics, Faculty of Environmental Design Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna state

Geospatial tools for utility planning and geo-monitoring (more>>)
by Adri de la Ray, Eskom ESI GIS

GIS, data and databases

The relevance of accurate geospatial data and databases (more>>)
by Etienne Louw, MapIT

WebGIS enabling information sharing in local government (more>>)
by Edward Kurwakumire, Tshwane University of Technology

Best practices for the development and serving of web map services (more>>)
by Hermanus Brynard, Geological/GIS Consultant

An experiment in transformations with GIS (more>>)
by Claus Jendrissek, Debmarine Namibia

Measuring the future of cloud-based GIS analysis (more>>)
by Rudolf de Munnik, Esri South Africa

Professional development and ethics

The way forward for PLATO as a statutory body in the transitionary period towards the new SA Geomatics Council (more>>)
by Paul Marshall, PLATO

Educating the next generation of geomatics professionals – A South African perspective (more>>)
by Ivan Farayi Muzondo, Tshwane University of Technology

The historical development of surveying programmes in higher education in South Africa (more>>)
by Prof. J.C. Landman, Mangosuthu University of Technology, Dr. M. Akombelw and; Mr. A. Forbes, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Spatial science education: an imperative tool for higher level training and research in Nigeria (more>>)
by O.A. Isioye, M. Moses, and I Nzelibe, Department of Geomatics, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria – Nigeria

Ethics in business (more>>)
by Marcel Versfeld, Unashamedly Ethical

Tools for infrastructure development

Geo-database compilation for seismo-tectonic investigations for the KZN coastal regions (more>>)
by Mayshree Singh and Mulemwa Akombelwa, University of KwaZulu-Natal, and Rodney Maud, Drennan Maud and Partners

The emergence and development of mobile lidar (more>>)
by André Oberholzer, Eugene Pretorius and Associates

Reflections on establishing our 3D laser scanning department (more>>)
by Philip Schalekamp, Trail Surveys

Accuracy assessment: Mobile laser scanning versus competing methods (more>>)
by Dawid Botes, Global Geomatics

Modernising excavation management (more>>)
by Katharina Wöhl and Andrew Evans, Topcon Europe Positioning


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