Scanner combines detailed data points with hi-res imagery

March 22nd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

GeoSlam has launched its latest product for the property sector by offering property professionals the ability to capture floorplans and hi-res photography simultaneously. The Zeb Pano, a handheld SLAM (simultaneous, localisation and mapping) scanner and panoramic camera, has been developed for the property sector. SLAM technology is widely known for its use in the automotive industry for self-driving cars, but the technology has applications beyond that. Capable of capturing 43 000 data points per second and high-resolution panoramic imagery at the same time, the scanner stores the exact location of each panoramic image enabling quicker, more accurate, and less intrusive property surveys. Property agents can use this information to create a floorplan and property descriptions in considerably less time. The scanner’s walk-and-scan method of data collection allows users to quickly and easily survey a property. Following the announcement of its partnership with GeoSLAM, Netherlands-based Zien24, a leader in home visualisations for both realtors and consumers, is already putting the scanner to the test, helping to quickly and accurately generate a building’s floor plans.

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