Photovoltaic solutions provide means to reduce global energy demand

March 20th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

Demand for energy increases constantly, with electricity consumption growing disproportionately  due to demands of industrial and domestic systems. This focuses greater attention on the need for renewable energy resources. Schneider Electric provides complete photovoltaic solutions for installations of any size – ranging from residential rooftops to utility scale photovoltaic farms. The company offers easy-to-install solar solutions that reduce energy bills in homes and small buildings, as well as complete grid-to-electrical systems for homes and commercial buildings. Solar power systems for typical residential applications deliver up to 10 kW while solutions are available to securely provide up to 100 kW for offices and commercial buildings, as well as for off-grid or back-up power requirements. These systems, which are usually mounted on rooftops, parking lots or secure ground areas, are designed to guarantee reliable, 100% green energy production. The company  can provide  complete electrical chains in large-scale applications between the PV modules and the grid connection, including real-time monitoring, advanced automation, power conversion and security. The company claims that their customised solutions are designed to ensure 97,6% power availability over 20 years.

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