Creating high performance buildings

September 20th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

Artur Socha, Buildings Division product manager at Schneider Electric South Africa, says that buildings are no longer simply there to house employees and run businesses. Energy efficiency has become part of the overall business strategy, resulting in executives having to look beyond their core business, identifying how the building functions and operates and how space will be occupied. The Department of Minerals and Energy (DME) has set a national target for energy efficiency improvement of 12% by 2015. The DME says that commercial and public buildings account for 3,5% of total energy demand for HVAC systems, lighting and office equipment. The company has developed solutions for both medium-sized and large buildings. These solutions are made up of enabling products, management systems and added value services, such as lighting and HVAC controls, and energy monitoring and management systems. The company offers added value services including site audits, data collection and analysis, financial analysis and return on investment, planning of improvement plan, and remote monitoring and optimisation. In 2011 the DME made SANS 204, the standard for office buildings, mandatory and incorporated it into the National Building Regulations. Buildings must now conform to energy efficiency requirements as specified.

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