SDK addresses custom drone workflows

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

DroneDeploy recently launched its SDK – a customisation/automation tool designed for operational efficiency. Suitable for larger enterprise-level firms as well as start-ups in sectors like energy, agriculture, and construction, the SDK platform has four modules:  UI toolkit, Datastore, Functions and Triggers , which automate even complex use cases. The UI toolkit enables customised DroneDeploy interfaces for custom objectives and use cases. The Datastore is a fully customisable data table creation tool, which acts like a spreadsheet, allowing users to house any kind of information they want. Using the serverless architecture of the SDK Functions module, customers can run their server code directly from the app to securely sync current server data with the drone-deployed UI. With Triggers, clients will be able to create event-driven use cases, such as setting an alert threshold. Multi-action capabilities allow exported information to be directed to the company’s servers as well as to Procore or Autodesk. The SDK can work with existing DroneDeploy APIs to transport, transform and automate each use case. The API gives users comprehensive programmatic access to functions and data, while keeping security a top priority.

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