Search and rescue drone with mobile phone location

March 22nd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The Bramor sAR is the latest version and most versatile system from C-Astral, and is intended as a search and rescue unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The UAS is based on the new C4Eye XHD-2 platform with which it is compatible. The direction finding and identification NSX sensor is exchangeable with the XHD-2 visible light and forward looking infra-red gimbal, providing dual functionality. Search and rescue, disaster relief, border control and various other mission can apply this system configuration. The NSX payload can accurately locate mobile phones in challenging airborne search and rescue environments in areas of up to 40 km2 in a single flight. The system is designed to identify and accurately geolocate mobile phones on the ground putting the search and rescue teams in a position to save lives faster. It can operation in local network coverage, or where there is poor to no coverage at all. The NSX uses a software defined radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and developed by an industry leader and optimised for airborne use. The UAS with the NSX is seamlessly integrated on the Bramor UAS as a drop-in module and can be used on all new generation Bramor UAS with the C-Astral C3P software.

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