Server certified as official OGC reference implementation

August 20th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The QGIS Server has been certified as a compliant WMS 1.3 server against the OGC certification platform, and moreover, is considered as a reference implementation. This is the first step on the organisation’s roadmap to having a fast, compliant and reliable web map server that is straightforward to publish to from a classical QGIS project. Having a certified server means that the QGIS Server successfully passes the automated and semi-automated tests that ensure it is fully compliant with the standards. That means users can trust QGIS to be used by any WMS client seamlessly. That certification is now powered by a continuous integration system that checks every night in development versions if it still passes the tests, and daily compliance reports are available on the new tests.qgis.orgwebsite. With the help of the latest grant application programme support, the organisation will now start to certify its WFS services.

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