Simplified and accelerated data accessibility

March 4th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Pitney Bowes announced the global availability of its new Software and Data Marketplace, simplifying access to hundreds of datasets across the retail, insurance, real estate and financial services industries. The marketplace is a self-service resource for data users to download the Pitney Bowes data catalogue for sample categorical data, such as address, boundary, demographic, geo-enrichment, point of interest, and street data in a matter of minutes. A SDK is also available, allowing users to receive products and updates automatically. The platform removes the complexity of sourcing and processing individual datasets from multiple providers by offering plug and play data capabilities for business intelligence and analytics applications. It will evolve to add more learning resources, data content and products, data samples and functionality to the Map Explorer. The GeoEnrichment datasets are also coded with the Pitney Bowes pbKey, a unique and persistent identifier for addresses, which not only helps data purchasers build a more complete record of addresses with detailed location attributes, but also keeps addresses up to date by storing them and then performing a reverse pbKey lookup to obtain the latest address. Learn more at:

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