Smart lighting for offices, warehouses and factories

March 20th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Combine the light quality and energy efficiency of SMART LED+ in your business facility and enjoy return on investment (ROI) typically in under 24 months while reaping the benefits of a better, compliant lighting experience. The SMART LED+ product set from Enerjetic allows full control over your lighting experience. Dimming your SMART LEDs from 100% to “off” in increments of 10% allows the user to set the ideal luminosity.

Remote control, schedulers and sensors allow full control over your lighting environment. Enerjetic provides an energy audit; ROI report; a comprehensive proposal; the installation and the post-installation support. The ROI report is the outcome of the audit and reflects your capital outlay; break-even period; overall savings over five years and energy savings. It also includes projected greening and carbon offset outcomes to assist in carbon tax calculations. IoT technology allows for easy implementation; other technologies can take weeks to install where the SMART LED+ plug and play solution is installed in just days, resulting in less down-time.

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