Software adds DEM editing and multispectral capabilities

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

SimActive latest two releases of its Correlator3D software has added several new capabilities. Version 8.1, specifically addressing advanced needs from expert users. Added features include, among many improvements, new DEM editing capabilities. Version 8.1 offers improved filtering capabilities to remove objects from DSMs and manual options to modify local DTM topography. It also includes a new system to track changes during DEM editing, allowing users to undo/redo previous operations. Version 8.2 of the software comes with advanced processing capabilities of multispectral imagery. Supported sensors include the MicaSense RedEdge/Altum and the Parrot Sequoia. It caters to a growing need for multispectral sensors in agricultural applications such as crop management. This version allows users to register multispectral as well as infrared images automatically. The resulting fused data can be used in the software to produce DSMs, DTMs and generate multiband orthomosaics with co-registration. This software provide a high-end software to both neophytes and advanced photogrammetrists.

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