Software improves DEMs and orthophotos

February 28th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The new PhotoModeler 2018.0 release offers faster processing, robust Coded Targets, and gridded DEM export, as well as orthophoto improvements. PhotoModeler UAS 2018.0 adds the ability to export gridded digital elevation models (DEMs) when creating orthophotos. Gridded DEMs can be exported as sparse XYZ text files, or as GeoTIFF files (16-bit integer or 32-bit float). Several applications can import these gridded DEM and orthophoto products. All Coded Target projects are now processed with an improved version of Smart Processing (the ability to solve for camera positions and 3D data in the presence of mismatches and noise). This makes Coded Target projects easier and faster to set up and use. Other improvements to the Smart Processing algorithm have resulted in significant speed increases, especially for larger projects (over 100 photos). The Export Orthophoto dialog now shows the range and average ground pixel size of input photos, and has a new control for setting the scale of the output based on pixel size. The output orthophoto also has an embedded scale bar (optional), and GeoTIFF files can be exported for non-geographic projects.

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