Software update streamlines mobile mapping surveys

November 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Siteco Infomatica showcased its Road-Scanner family of mobile mapping systems and the new software release of Road-SIT Survey. Road-SIT Survey is the mobile mapping data application developed by the company, fully compatible with the most mobile mapping systems like the Optech-Lynx, Riegl-VMX, Topcon IPS3 and Leica Pegasus, as well as with the company’s own Road-Scanner. The new version, v. 7.5, was developed in collaboration with the Bologna University Computer Vision Lab. New and enhanced features and functionalities include point cloud colouring, quick colouring process and high-quality final result. It is also possible to select the cameras that have produced sharper images, avoiding shadow and frame overlapping. A new option allows the batch colouring of a whole project using the new multiple-selection command. A dedicated command allows the calculation of the normals through the analysis of the point cloud of each laser, and provides information on curvature and direction of the normal at each point. Another new function is the calculation of planes, which is useful for extracting planar features such as roads, sidewalks, and building walls. Two classification approaches are now available: the first one based on the use of points, the second one based on a voxel grid (cubic volumes of about 15 cm per side).

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