Solar company opens new warehouse in Cape Town

September 12th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Sharp’s global reach is unparalleled when it comes to solar power. The company has been distributing panels for 60 years and its high-performance solar modules continue to exceed expectations in the industry. Segen Solar is the exclusive distributor for Sharp solar products in South Africa. The company’s warehouses in Johannesburg and Cape Town make the Sharp’s modules easily accessible to installers.

Sharp is said to hold the industry’s longest-standing solar experience, and the renewed line-up of high-performing modules offers customers a solution for every application. From residential projects to large-scale commercial installations and free-field power plants, the company is dedicated to procuring outstanding efficiencies and only the highest quality products. The range of PV solutions available from Segen Solar include 275 W and 330 W polycrystalline panels which offer high output, conversion efficiency and all-round reliability.

Contact Segen Solar, Tel 011 085 2600,

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