Spatial database receives major update

November 13th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

PostGIS 3.0 has been released, a notable release as it addresses more than 150 issues (74 of which Carto has worked on). The update includes performance improvements, speeding up the actual functions and ensuring that they can run in parallel on PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL 12.0 has also enabled better parallelisation of functions in extensions like PostGIS. Now with better adjustment on PostGIS, in terms of function costs, parallelisation should trigger much more. A major improvement has been to the ST_AsMVTGeom function, as well as the ST_Simplify or ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints functions. A core enhancement that many users will appreciate comes from GEOS 3.8, the underlying library that PostGIS uses. Users can expect fewer topological errors and fewer instances of the infamous “self-intersecting” error. There has also been a steady improvement in the project’s continuous integration cycle, with the addition of new bots and tasks to better test against PostGIS dependencies, in more architectures and platforms. These changes are key to detect and address existing bugs and to avoid introducing new ones. Although internal, this ensures performance and stability across multiple architectures.

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