Standards for domestic appliance energy efficiency imminent

February 19th, 2015, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector


The government is in the process of finalising, and will soon introduce, regulations which will introduce mandatory minimum energy efficiency performance standards (MEPS) and appliance labelling, both for domestic appliances.

The standards and labelling project is aimed at reducing the South African household energy demand. Twelve household appliances have been selected based on their presence in most households and the potential to improve their energy consumption levels. The project is informed by, and seeks to meet, the national energy efficiency strategy target of a 10% reduction in energy demand within the residential sector.

The project will seek to overcome the barriers impeding the widespread uptake of efficient appliances, and will focus on the following objectives:

  • To review and implement a policy and regulatory framework needed for a sustainable standards and labelling programme
  • To define energy classes and MEPS thresholds
  • To strengthen the capacity of institutions involved in the programme
  • To develop an appropriate education, awareness and communication campaign
  • To develop and implement market surveillance and compliance procedures

It is estimated that the project will save up to 388 GWh per year, which will lead to a reduction of 4,6 Mt of direct CO2 emissions (over the life time of the appliances covered) and indirect CO2 reductions of 11,5 Mt. This topic is to be covered by a special workshop at the Domestic Use of Energy  (DUE) conference which is to be held from 30 March to 1 April 2015 at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.

Contact Ike Ndlovu, Department of Energy, Tel 012 406-7314,


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