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July 7th, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


Afgen was established in 1946 and has proved over the years that it is a consistent, reliable and extremely focussed supplier. The company offers its clients the best quality open-platform solutions and products available in the international arena, together with the technical know-how and back-up for ensuring seamless integration from field to finish.

Afgen is committed to striving for service excellence, seamless integration and ultimate client satisfaction. Liaising with our extensive client base at regular intervals is a priority for us and a top-down quality approach has been adopted by medium and lower level management in their daily dealings with customers and prospective customers.

Fig. 1: Afgen positioning and surveying solutions.

Fig. 1: Afgen positioning and surveying solutions.

The Afgen offices are in Kyalami, conveniently located in Gauteng’s business hub, and close to well-known construction sites, and the head offices of various mining, construction and surveying companies. Our facility is a purpose built surveying and engineering operation, conforming to all local statutory requirements. This is in contrast to a number of other facilities in South Africa, where similar levels of expertise, productivity levels and compliance are unlikely to be achievable.

Our work shop is SABS accredited with a very high level of technical expertise offering the latest technologies available worldwide. In addition, our factory is conveniently situated near the national road network enabling easy access for freight companies needing to make collections or deliveries as well as for clients wanting to pop in for a visit.

As a specialist company established to focus on the supply, service, maintenance, installation, seamless integration, support and marketing of surveying related products such as GNSS solutions, UAV surveying systems, tailor-made hardware and software solutions, construction solutions, mining lasers, rotating laser levels, pipe lasers, total stations, theodolites, auto and digital levels, and survey accessories, Afgen takes pride in offering solutions to any complex task.

Fig. 2: The APS-NR2 RTK surveying receiver.

Fig. 2: The APS-NR2 RTK surveying receiver.

One of Afgen’s latest product offerings is the new APS-NR2 RTK surveying receiver from Altus Positioning Systems. It provides a powerful combination of high GNSS RTK performance, light weight, low power consumption, versatile Quad-band modem, remote Web-based access and connectivity with Esri’s cloud-based platform. It is a versatile product designed to enhance productivity and minimise downtime in the field for a wide range of surveying and geolocation jobs. With Altus’ open-architecture philosophy, users also have a choice of data collector software from Carlson SurvCE, MicroSurvey FieldGenius or direct interface to Esri ArcGIS Online, as well as proprietary customer-developed software.

Being in the surveying industry, every one of us needs to save time and money by having the right tool for a specific job.

Afgen’s mission is to serve the construction, mining, and surveying industries with the best solutions available to provide the right tool for the right application at the right time guaranteed.

Contact Derek Gouws, Afgen, Tel 011 466-2055,

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