End-to-end fibre optic connectivity

July 5th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Tank Industries has been manufacturing and supplying enhanced connectivity products and solutions into the telecommunication market, both locally and abroad for over 25 year, and supplies an extensive range of locally manufactured and imported products from Switzerland-based R&M, enabling a complete solution to all your fibre optic applications. One of the products is a fibre optic management system tailored to the requirements of central network equipment and designed specifically for connection, termination and distribution equipment in high-speed fibre optic networks. Other features and guarantees of efficient management include easy patching, clearly arranged and monitored fibre guiding, and reliability based on radius restrictions. The comnpany’s 19” solutions for patching in fibre optic distributors and network terminations maximise flexibility, security, high packing density and the simplest possible handling.

Contact Clive Maasch, Tank Industries, Tel 083 658-3231, clive.maasch@tank.co.za

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