Technology available for licensing

May 3rd, 2018, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

The gunshot detection project identifies a gunshot in a noisy environment such as a public event.

The CSIR has 450 technologies available for licensing and further development. These technologies cover engineering, light metals, alloys, advanced polymers, nano-technology and nano-clay. Technology transfer from the CSIR is usually facilitated via licensing which involves the granting of permission to a licensee to use CSIR intellectual property (IP) for a stated purpose under defined conditions. The CSIR retains the ownership over the IP. The CSIR may establish a new wholly owned company, enter into a joint venture with one or more partners, or play a role in facilitating the start-up of a new company by other parties (including CSIR staff), including those who might have been involved in developing the technology.

The available portfolios for licensing cover a very wide field of technologies such as microwave-assisted modified Pechini synthesis to enhance high-voltage cathode material for lithium ion batteries, a lateral gate nano particle FET-based microchip as a nano-scale platform for room temperature electronic gas sniffers (breath analysers), and production of titanium powder processes, to mention a few.

The CSIR is involved in many other development of products. On display at the recent CSIR Tech Day was the Gunshot Detection Project. As part of the safety and security flagship programme, gunshot detection is designed to provide quick and accurate information to law enforcement agencies with the ability to ratify or dismiss whether an impulse noise heard was a gunshot. Information trajectory, source coordinates, type and range of the shot is key in assisting authorities to provide fast response and save lives.


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