Valves for assembly close to the actuator

November 29th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

The new, lightweight AV03 valve system from Bosch Rexroth has an ultra-compact design thanks to a diagonal arrangement of the valve components – making it ideal for assembly close to the actuator. The result is a lower pressure drop across the system, and optimised performance. Technical designers always try to position pneumatic valves as close to actuators as possible because shorter tubing lengths reduce the required compressed air by up to 20%. However, common valves are usually too large and heavy for handling applications. With the company’s new generation compact and lightweight advanced valve AV03 valve systems available in South Africa through Tectra Automation, engineers now have a lot more freedom and can arrange pneumatics decentrally, increasing efficiency and performance. Rexroth has halved the weight of the new valves by using resistant high-performance polymers and reducing the number of parts. The required installation space has also been cut by 45%.

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