Telematics company adds IoT sensing solutions

September 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

ERM Advanced Telematics is expanding its activities from telematics solutions for locating and tracking vehicles, drivers and passengers, to a complimentary field of IoT (Internet of Things). The company is introducing its IoTLink line of products, which is based on technology that was specifically developed at ERM. The solutions use sensors and gateways that enable continuous tracking of assets and monitoring their status according to pre-defined parameters. The products emit constant status signals, as well as alerts of any breach of the pre-defined parameters. In addition, the IoTLink products communicate between themselves using BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology. The products are also equipped with an internal battery and are easily installed. This enable tracking, locating and monitoring of assets that are not necessarily in or on the vehicle, such as items that are being transported in crates or are in storage, in containers and in transit, in fields, alongside assets such as activated machines and refrigerators for industrial or home, which use equipment that requires long-distance monitoring. This latest move by ERM provides solutions to new sectors such as agriculture, logistics and more. The IoT solutions will enable complete integration and interfacing of the company’s main telematics product line that is based on the StarLink technology.

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