The sun powers soccer club’s arena

June 25th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Odds Ballklubb, a soccer club in Skien, Norway, wants to be the greenest soccer club in Europe. Its Skagerak Arena has deployed the latest power technology to integrate renewables in the urban community by using microgrids and energy storage capabilities. The entire rooftop of the Skagerak Arena is covered with 5700 m2 of solar panels, producing a nominal 800 kWp. The battery and the energy management system ensure maximum use of renewable power even when there is low light.

The PV system not only powers floodlights, it also provides the neighbourhood with locally produced electricity. Skagerak Energi designed and executed the project with ABB Ability PVS solar string inverters and e-mesh technology, including an energy management system. The solution will allow Skagerak Energi to run an optimum load dispatch scenario by using load forecasts and PV production, and by taking electricity price developments into consideration.

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