Thermal drone solution for solar farm inspections

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

SenseFly has introducing its new SenseFly Solar 360. Created in collaboration with software company Raptor Maps, it offers an efficient thermal drone solution that enables the automatic assessment of solar plant performance at a sub-module level. The solution combines the company’s eBee X fixed-wing UAV technology and Duet T thermal mapping camera with Raptor Maps’ software. The solution can easily be integrated into solar management workflows without requiring manual analysis of aerial solar farm data. Users can inspect solar farm installations of up to 150 MW in a single day, enhancing operational efficiency compared to ground inspection which uses a handheld thermographic sensor. The UAV can fly for up to 70 minutes when carrying the Duet T thermal/RGB mapping camera. This allows 65 ha of sub-module level anomalies to be documented in a single 42 m (138 ft) flight. The software too has minimal image requirements, which allows faster inspections. The system captures radiometric thermal and visual RGB imagery, and generates a detailed and actionable inspection report to identify, classify, and localise anomalies automatically.

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