Tidal energy scheme for Bristol channel

August 6th, 2015, Published in Articles: Energize


Kepler tidal fenceKepler Energy is planning a 30 MW tidal energy fence which will be located in the Bristol channel. The tidal energy technology, similar to a water mill and which will use the very latest carbon composite technology, has been developed by Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science for deployment in shallower, lower velocity tidal waters. Subject to planning and financing, the initial Bristol channel 1 km £143-million tidal fence could be operational by 2020/21. Although the technology is regarded as environmentally benign, it will be subject to a rigorous environmental impact assessment during the planning process to ensure that it bears no significant risk to marine life and other users of the sea. Kepler’s patented turbine technology consists of a stressed truss configuration Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT). The Kepler turbine offers significant technological advantages over traditional axial turbines, enabling it to generate predictable, renewable electricity at very competitive costs in lower velocity and shallower waters, which axial flow turbines cannot replicate.

Contact Peter Dixon, Kepler Energy, peterdixon@keplerenergy.co.uk


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