Tips on choosing a solar PV installer

September 2nd, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector

Solar PV systems which are not installed properly most often cause leaky roofs, a common complaint from solar homeowners. Finding qualified professional installers who offer excellent service at a competitive price is essential. This is how to go about it

Select a Green Card accredited installer

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) urges end-users to check companies’ credentials and memberships, as installers must meet specific standards to be accredited.

Accredited installers are certified and trained to ensure that the system meets industry best practice standards. SAPVIA programme manager Niveshen Govender says good PV installers are trained and accredited, and can provide legal, compliant installations in terms of national regulations and municipal requirements.

SAPVIA is committed to the responsibility and sustainability of the industry. In doing so, the PV GreenCard was developed to assure that installers follow the latest industry guidelines, use quality components, specify the system correctly and install it properly.

According to Nedbank’s head of Transformation and Sustainability Mark Boshoff, “employing accredited installers also ‘provides comfort’ to financiers and insurers that the system will perform to specification.”  He says an added benefit of using the PV GreenCard facilities with PV systems is that, should the client wish to sell the facilities with the PV system installed, it should command a better valuation if it carries the PVGreenCard.”

Installers can use the PV GreenCard to declare compliance with relevant standards, as well as with safety guidelines for PV installation. SAPVIA strongly recommends employing installers with successful track records.

Compare quotes

SAPVIA suggests obtaining a minimum of three quotations to compare pricing. ‘Ask the installer to explain the generation and installation process and ensure that you understand everything before agreeing to the installation.

The association also encourages customers to use reputable components and to ensure that they have manufacturer warranties on the equipment.

Information of becoming an accredited installer through the PV Greencard Platform can be found at

Contact Kim Thomas, SAPVIA, Tel 021 200-5856,


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