To monitor wind turbine blades

March 4th, 2019, Published in Uncategorised articles

Up to 23% of wind turbine failures can be caused by blade damage, with up to 25 to 30% of wind farm operation costs spent on operation and maintenance. Current damage detection options are limited and are used on an ad hoc basis at each turbine. The new ping monitor is an innovative acoustic solution and a world-first application of aero-acoustic analysis for wind turbine maintenance and repair.The device monitors the sound from the blades and then compares this with previously known acoustic signatures from damaged blades to help identify the likely scale and type of damage to the blades, including cracking, pitting, erosion and delamination, which over time will lead to loss of aerodynamic performance and potentially a catastrophic failure. This continuous detection allows repairs to be responsive, swift and targeted, reducing costs to turbine owners/operators and end-power users. Turbine downtime from more serious damage is reduced, as a result of the early detection of the defects.

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