Tracking beacons simplifies site record-keeping

August 4th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Comtest, a local representative of Industrial Scientific, now offers the iAssign Beacon that automatically assigns site names to Ventis Pro Series gas monitors and other compatible products within a defined range. Site assignments change automatically as a Ventis Pro user leaves one defined beacon area and moves to another, simply and accurately connecting users, sites, and events. Determining the location of an individual within a facility or plant can be challenging. The beacon continuously broadcasts a site identifier, which triggers the site to be updated on the user’s device. iAssign Beacon zones are programmable between 1 and 30 m. Permission levels can also be programmed in each beacon. The solution provides a more complete picture of what is happening across a worksite, enabling safety managers to take action to prevent repeated hazards. iAssign Beacons solve the challenge of real-time location identification, enabling real-time access control, safety suggestions, and permission-level alerts when entering restricted areas. It also offers consistent site recording when technology like GPS is not available, as well as clarity around worker and location names in instrument data log files.

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