New base model UltraCam digital aerial system ok

October 22nd, 2013, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit has unveiled the UltraCam Hawk, a new base model UltraCam digital aerial system that leverages the third generation UltraCam architecture first introduced to the market in 2011. The UltraCam Hawk extends the existing UltraCam product suite to meet varying project requirements and budget restrictions. The system can also be upgraded to the larger UltraCam Falcon or Eagle as the company’s needs evolve. The UltraCam Hawk system architecture offers features and benefits that include a 92 mega-pixel (11 704 x 7920 PAN) image footprint with a 70 mm focal length lens, ideal for smaller aircraft and local projects that require a rapid response, a system sensor head that integrates the sensor, computing sub-systems, solid-state devices (storage sub-system), and the optional UltraNav direct georeferencing and flight management system, simplifies installation and requires minimal space in the aircraft, advanced electronics for excellent frame rate and a minimal 72 dB signal-to-noise ratio achieves high image dynamic and filters with curved characteristics to flatten out vignetting ensures operation of lens system at best Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) performance for maximum sharpness and contrast

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