Ultra-portable protection test set and calibrator

July 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

The CMC 430 from Omicron is the preferred choice for test engineers in cases where excellent transportability is needed and three currents up to 12,5 A or six voltage outputs are sufficient. Its low weight of just 8,7 kg, and robust design with its edge protection predisposes the device to every outdoor and indoor use. The unit can be used for protection testing, commissioning, harmonic analysis and energy meter calibrations.

Typically, this device is most suitable in environments where numerical and communication-based protection prevails. With its extraordinarily high precision, it is also an ideal source-based calibrator for all kinds of measurement devices, such as energy meters, transducers, PQ meters, and PMUs. The CMC 430 combines its outstanding performance as a relay tester and calibrator with hybrid measurement and recording facilities (analog, binary, IEC 61850 GOOSE messages and Sampled Values).

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