Unusual HV generator repaired

December 6th, 2016, Published in Articles: Energize


sulzerdma034_nordic_sugar_pic3_pr2772_62177Sulzer was recently appointed to repair Nordic Sugar’s high voltage steam turbine generator which had come to the end of its effective service life. The sugar refinery, which produces nearly 1-million t of sugar annually, needed to have its 10,8 kV, 9 MW generator removed and rewound during the factor’s shutdown period in order to prevent delays in other maintenance work at the site. The sugar refinery operates during the autumn and winter when the sugar is harvested and processed. Once the factory closes at the end of the season, routine maintenance is undertaken. However, the maintenance plan demands that individual projects are completed on time to ensure that the complete schedule of work is completed on time and to budget. For this project, Sulzer’s coil shop was required to produce 72 hairpin coil sides which would be joined together once installed in the stator. This hairpin coil design is far from the conventional diamond coil and required engineering knowledge and skill to complete the project accurately, which the company was able to provide.

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