Updated 3D mapping portfolio with new website

August 5th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Orbit Geospatial Technologies launched version 19.7 of its full 3D mapping portfolio with upgrades, along with a new website. The new website provides customers with more insight on solutions to their challenges and which software features can bring instant results. The company specialises in 3D mapping solutions and integrating various reality capture techniques, including mobile mapping, UAS mapping, indoor mapping and aerial oblique mapping. Version 19.7 includes a new management console for 3DM Publisher. Most of the updates have been to 3DM Cloud, which now offers a choice box for base maps and terrain, as well as the ability to use any terrain file. Image and resource metadata display has also be added, along with support of vector data, including WFS services. View depth management and oblique data support have also been updated. 3DM Cloud Console’s data management also underwent updating. 3DM Content Manager now offers enhanced E57 support, as has its upload procedures and user feedback.

Contact Peter Bonne, Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies, peter.bonne@orbitgt.com

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