Updated geomarketing software with sharing functionality

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

GfK has released the latest version of its geomarketing software RegioGraph. It includes updated 2019 maps and purchasing power data as well as a new planning view, an improved territory lock feature as well as the new TeamConnect add-on, which gives users the ability to share project results online with colleagues. The 2019 release offers users from all sectors a tool for displaying company data such as customer information and turnover results on digital maps and then carrying out analyses using integrated and detailed data. This enables decision-makers in expansion, sales and marketing to pinpoint new opportunities and identify areas in need of attention. RegioGraph allows for informed location decisions. The software is developed and enhanced with new features on an annual basis. New additions in 2019 include a Planning view, which gives users oversight when planning and optimising due to the simultaneous display of a zoomable map, filterable table and a chart.     Improved territory lock function gives users the ability to exclude selected regions when optimising or generating territories.

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