Engineers: kingpins in creating technology for sustained development

  The technological world has changed significantly over the past century from a mainly mechanical-driven one to an electrically controlled one. The past century saw the development of the transistor in the 1940s and the arrival of the first functionally integrated circuit in 1960, a mere 55 years ago. The very first microprocessor was commercially […]

Which energy sources for SA? Nuclear, renewables, coal…

  As an energy manager, an energy measurement and verification professional I have been involved in the energy field for more than 20 years. I am therefore very conscious of the need for energy efficiency, and to limit the impact on the environment. I am however not an expert in any specific field regarding the […]

Cable theft and the plight of the municipality

The monthly cost to South Africa of copper cable theft rose to R13,2-million in October 2014, 43% higher than in the previous year, according to new South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) statistics. This was the fifth month-on-month increase and was up from R12-million in August and R13-million in September last year. In […]

Challenges bring opportunities for the electrical industry

  The new year is barely underway and 2015 has already presented us with a number of challenges. Eskom introduced rolling load shedding with Medupi 6 (which was supposed to be online by now) again subjected to more delays and controversy. It also announced that one reactor at Koeberg will go offline for maintenance and […]

Rebates created culture of expectancy, not enterprise

  I’ve been contemplating this issue for some time now and, at the risk of sounding controversial, it is becoming clear to me that the energy efficiency industry is suffering from an epidemic of expecting hand-outs. Eskom Demand Side Management (DSM) and similar energy efficiency “assistance-type” programmes have, in my opinion, created a culture of […]

The lighting industry and the cycle of change

  I recently spoke to a colleague about a senior management course he had attended and I asked him what he had learnt. One of the things he took away with him and which resonated with me was the “four rooms of change” theory, developed by the author, Claes Janssen. This theory is essentially about […]