Combined lightning, current and surge arrester

Dehn’s Dehnbox is designed to protect information and automation equipment and systems. It can carry lightning currents up to 10 kA (10/350 μs). Due to its actiVsense technology, the nominal voltage is not specified. This allows the arrester to be used for voltages ranging from 0 to 180 V with a ± 5 V/50 MHz […]

Capacity for InGaAlP LEDs expanded

  Osram Opto Semiconductors has announced that it is switching its fabrication of red, orange and yellow LEDs to 6-inch wafers. The company is therefore extending the fabrication of all large-wafer LEDs to the indium gallium aluminum phosphide (InGaAlP) material system to expand its production capacity. It began switching fabrication of blue LED chips in […]

New photoelectric sensor range launched

  Omron has redesigned and expanded its M18 cylindrical range photoelectric sensors. The new generation is said to represent one of the largest varieties of dependable photoelectric sensors on the market. The recently launched E3FA/E3F1 series is the first of the company’s products based on a new platform for photoelectric sensors. It features high-performance sensing […]

Isolation amplifiers with group error logging

Phoenix Contact’s Mini Analog range of 6,2 mm isolation amplifiers provides a new fault monitoring system for easy error logging in multi-channel applications. The monitoring module provides group error logging for up to 80 modules connected via the mounting rail bus connector. If an error is detected internally or at the signal input of a […]

Digital earth tester for three-terminal measurement

  The Megger DET3TD digital earth tester is a compact instrument designed to measure earth electrode resistance. It uses the three-terminal method of measurement, in which the current circuit’s resistance does not affect the reading. The instrument circuit is designed so that the resistance of the potential circuit also does not affect the measurement. Pressing a […]

Company opens small power transformer facility

  Powertech Transformers (PTT), an Altron company, announces that its small power transformer facility was officially opened on 3 February 2014 by Charles Kalima, the senior manager responsible for commercial commodity sourcing at ESKOM, and Robert Venter, the CEO of Altron.  This facility, which will double the company’s production capacity, was specially designed and built […]

Efficient machine activation

  Banner Engineering has introduced the EZ-Light K30 Touch, a smaller version of the company’s industry-recognized K50 Touch. Featuring a compact, rugged design, this single-point device is designed for efficient machine activation and pick-to-light operations. It provides simple, precise performance and changes from green to red at the touch of a finger, hand or palm […]

Environmentally friendly cast resin transformers

  Legrand’s products and systems for electrical installations and building infrastructure includes environmentally friendly cast resin transformers, designed for low environmental impact. Manufactured by the company’s subsidiary, EdM, to stringent quality and safety specifications, the transformers have no risk of insulating fluid losses and are a low fire hazard, even in harsh environments such as […]

Protection against internal, external load switching and lighting

  Voltex is fully-stocked with products to shield your devices against lightning damage. Since electrical devices can be damaged by both lightning and power surges, the best solution found by the company was to solve the problem by attacking both causes – provide an external protective element as well as an internal one to protect […]