New test, measurement tools launched

  Flir Systems has launched a new line of test and measurement equipment. The new product line-up includes an advanced digital multi-meter, two clamp meters, an NCV detector, a moisture meter and a video scope. These tools were engineered to include advanced diagnostics, productivity and increased connectivity to address customers’ real-world needs. Among the new […]

New showroom with specialist training facility

  Legrand’s new showroom at the company’s Johannesburg head office includes a specialist training facility designed for interactive tuition modules which cover the company’s extensive range of electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its training courses include cable management, structured cabling and power protection, transformers, busbars and the XL3 power distribution system. Training sessions also cover […]

New lightning, surge protection range

  Surgetek has launched the Saltek range of lightning and surge protection devices. Based in the Czech Republic, Saltek designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of LV surge protection devices and lightning current arresters for power supplies, signal, measurement, data and telecom lines, as well as surge protection for photovoltaic applications. Founded in 1995, Saltek’s […]

Award for antimicrobial insulation cables

A special range of cables designed to repel dirt and prevent the accumulation of material on its surface improves hygiene in “clean room” environments such as hospitals, restaurants and food manufacturing facilities. The range, Helukabel’s Nanoflex products,  was recently awarded the international Wire and Cables Technology Award for excellence in the cabling and connectors category. […]

Single or two-stage filters for noise attenuation

  TDK Corporation has introduced of the TDK-Lambda R series of EMC line filters with convenient connection options. The range of low profile, single-phase (RS series) and three-phase (RT series) filters enable designers to combat potentially noisy disturbances in end-system applications such as those found in medical, industrial, test and measurement, and communications equipment. The […]

New manager for industrial clients

  Magnet has appointed a Rittal product manager who will support this range. The company has made a substantial investment in Rittal stock holdings to meet demand in KwaZulu-Natal. The range, which encompasses industrial enclosures, electronic packaging, system climate control and power distribution, is aligned with the needs of the company’s industrial client base. The latest […]

High-performance current transducers

  LEM of Geneva, Switzerland, has released the Ultrastab range of very high accuracy AC/DC current transducers. Transducers are available to measure current from 12,5 to 24 000 A.  Linearity errors are of the order of 4 ppm, and the temperature coefficient is given as 2 ppm/ºK. Frequency response is typically DC to 500 kHz, […]

Surge protection for mining industry

Surge protection devices (SPDs) should ideally operate instantaneously to divert a surge current to ground with no residual common-mode voltage presented at the equipment terminals. Once the surge current has subsided, the SPD should automatically restore normal operation and reset to a state ready to receive the next surge. The Dehnpipe is an SPD/transient voltage […]