IESSA lighting courses for 2014

The Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) will be presenting the following courses on lighting and lighting design throughout the remainder of 2014: Lighting School A lighting school will be presented at the offices of the National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) in Pretoria between 19 and 23 May 2014. The course will […]

Optimised light spectrum for LEDs

  A new LED light source concept enhancing the colour quality experience was shown to lighting professionals at the Light and Building Fair, and at subsequent customer seminars. Essentially an experiment in colour perception and appreciation, it generated a lot of enthusiasm and some new and interesting insights. It seems to be an ideal solution for […]

Efficient and compact light engines

  The new generation Talexxengine Stark new DLE light engines is said to be more efficient and compact, and offers better glare reduction. The system, comprising an LED module and associated converter, benefits from LED technology enabling more efficient and cost-effective modules with very low profiles to be produced. In addition, the Best LED Operation […]

LED tips for the end-user

  LED lighting is relatively new technology and many end-users are still not familiar with its advantages. This often results in ill-informed purchasing decisions leading, in turn, to negative public opinion on these products. Lighting accounts for up to 25% of the average household and business energy budget. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors should therefore give […]

LEDs with anti-glare lenses

  LED technology is advancing rapidly, with many new lamp styles available. All of these LEDs are available with standard bases which fit household light fixtures, making LED the next generation in home lighting. ACDC Dynamics provides an extensive range of lighting solutions. It has recently extended its range and its new lighting catalogue is […]

Vector appointed official magazine of IESSA

EE Publishers is pleased to announce that at the recent council meeting of the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA), it was decided and agreed that Vector magazine would henceforth be the association’s official publication. This decision came in the light of the longstanding, excellent working relationship between IESSA and Vector over many years. […]