IRED not much larger than chip

  The Oslon compact infrared LED (IRED) from Osram Opto Semiconductors offers impressive output despite its very small package. It is suited for applications including surveillance; digital image processing; 3D measurement; pattern recognition and gesture detection. The infrared Oslon Compact SFH 4710 is designed specially for industrial applications. As a mid-power LED with a typical […]

Ultra-compact yellow LED for headlamps

The yellow Oslon Compact LED from Osram immediately opens up new design options for turn indicators in vehicle forward lighting. With package dimensions of 1,5 x 1,9 x 0,7 mm,  the new version is so small and yet so powerful that it is ideal for use in light guide applications. This high-power LED, based on […]

Dali-to-PWM signal converter for LEDs

Mean Well has introduced the DAP-04 Dali to PWM converter. Along with the company’s LED PSU, equipped with three-in-one dimming function, this new product makes Dali control possible on LED lighting fixtures. The converter is equipped with both Dali dimming and push-dim functions.  When connecting to the external Dali controller, it can convert the Dali signal transmitted from the controller to […]

France wins urban lighting award

  The winners of the Auroralia 2013 Award, which promotes the best sustainable urban lighting initiatives around the world, were announced in Lyon, France during the annual Light Festival. More than 100 lighting professionals, from city authorities to architects and town planners, were gathered for the event. Nîmes, France; Ibarra, Ecuador, and Durham, England, won the […]

Shares in lighting company sold

Powertech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the JSE-listed Altron Group, has sold its 50% stake in Tridonic SA to Tridonic Holding, Austria. Tridonic SA had been a joint venture between Powertech and Tridonic Austria since 1993. Altron Power group executive Neil Kayton says Powertech has taken the decision to focus on its core business of power electronics, […]

Power company exits lighting market

  Powertech, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Altron group, has sold its 50% stake in Tridonic SA back to the parent company in Austria. The transaction took effect on 1 February 2014. Tridonic SA had been a joint venture between Powertech and Tridonic Austria since 1993. As part of its drive for efficiency and customer centricity, Powertech […]

Illuminance for energy efficient building

  Shopfitting specialist Dula has renovated its headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, to make the offices a prime example of energy conservation. The measures ensuring energy-efficiency included renewal work to the building facade, a combined heating and power plant, a KNX building control system and a new lighting system. These requirements were met by LED light […]

Silicone hybrid optics reduce glare

  Bathrooms, warehouses and factories are challenging environments for lighting. Luminaires must withstand the heat and moisture without failing while providing an adequate amount of good quality light. The design of Ledil’s new Saga silicone hybrid optic rises to these challenges. A hyper-reflecting frame catches light spill from the silicone TIR lens and recycles it […]

Longer LED lifetime even at 135˚C

  Excessive heat generation is one of the main reasons why light-emitting diodes fail. With the Oslon Square, Osram Opto Semiconductors presents an LED that withstands high ambient temperatures particularly well. To ensure that the colours of several LEDs in a luminaire remain uniform even at higher temperatures, they are measured and binned at 85˚C, […]

LED power packs for projectors

  Osram Opto Semiconductors is now launching two new high-power versions of the Osram Ostar Projection for projectors with a brightness of up to 1700 lm. Thanks to their optimised product design, they offer very high luminous flux from the available chip surface. Between 1000 and 8300 lm can be produced depending on the colour […]